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The end of workplace incivility, the beginning of increased profit! employee relations

The Civility Project consist of a three prong approach in supporting organizations to a culture shift of reverence  which results in more powerful collaboration, decreased time to conflict resolution and an increase in employee engagement.

These tools for lasting culture shift consist of an organizational assessment , Executive coaching, group coaching and facilitation/skill-building.

A tailored approach to each organization supports lasting change. Following  an organizational needs asessment , we support leaders and your HR resources in establishing  and enforcing values and expectations regarding employee interactions. We solidify learning of expectations through one-on-one and group Coaching as well as with group facilitation. 

An organization intent on living the values that complement reverence, determined by leadership, will only be effective long term when support for behavioral change is placed on development of  the skills of emotional intelligence, collaboration and productive conflict management.

 Honesty without compassion is brutality” 




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